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Home services profile of centacare services counselling & education
1. Counselling & Education PDF Print E-mail

In this section you can find information on Centacare services related to Counselling and Education including:


Farmer1.1 Department of Social Services Programs

Many programs offered in the various Centres are funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Social Services (DSS). These programs provide counselling and community education to families, couples, children and individuals. The aim of counselling is to encourage and strengthen families, couples and individuals to continue to develop and grow. The counselling services address many issues including depression, conflict, divorce and separation, grief and loss, stress, experiences of abuse, and family and step–family issues. Community education services focus on a range of issues including relationships, parenting, mental health issues and can be offered in groups as well as individually.

The Australian Government also provides funding specifically for people directly or indirectly affected by the drought. The program includes free counselling, support, information, referral and community education. More infomration


Woman on red background1.2 Sexual Assault Service

The Central Highlands Sexual Assault Service is funded by Queensland Health and provides information, referral, counselling and support services for victims of sexual assault.

1.3 Domestic Violence Service of Central Queensland (DVSOCQ)

The Domestic Violence Service of Central Queensland, funded by the Queensland Department of Communities, provides information, referral, crisis counselling, court support, community awareness, training, workshops, a resource library, assistance with protection orders and advocacy as well as child and adolescent counselling. DVSOCQ aids all people in achieving equality, self determination and a community free of violence.

1.4 Queensland Government’s Department of Communities Family Support Program

Centacare provides counselling and family therapies as well as information about services and resources available to families. The programs are designed to support and assist parents, families, individuals, care–givers and anyone who works with children under 17 years of age. Funding for these services primarily comes from the Queensland Government’s Department of Communities.

Family1.5 Natural Fertility Services

The Natural Fertility Services (NFS) program has a long and proud history and continues to assist many couples plan their family using natural methods. In these days of environmental consciousness, natural methods are being embraced by an increasing number of people. The program educates students, health workers and the general community on matters relating to fertility and reproduction in an environment which reveres and celebrates the gift of human sexuality.

In conjunction with the NFS program Centacare also delivers Family Life Education sessions to high school and primary school students. Family Life Education is delivered by Centacare’s qualified Family Life Educators and covers a range of issues including fertility, sexuality, puberty and the beginning of new life, in an interactive process, and in a variety of ways dependent on the age of participants. Content is presented within a framework of Church teaching within Catholic Schools.

1.6 School Counselling Program

Counselling services are provided, on a contractual basis, to staff and students of schools across the Diocese. Counselling can assist children to deal with a wide range of issues including development of social skills, anger management and bullying, or friendship issues.

1.7 ACCESS Employee Assistance Program

ACCESS is a service to all employees of our contracted client companies and their immediate families. The ACCESS program provides assistance to organisations seeking to build healthy work environments. The main aim of the ACCESS program is to enhance the work performance and quality of working life of employees by resolving and preventing issues that undermine work and well being.

1.8 Pre–Marriage Education


Centacare’s Pre-Marriage Education program FOCCUS (Facilitating Open Couple Communication Understanding and Study) is a core Centacare service that has been in operation since 1974. The program is designed to give couples contemplating marriage the skills and insights into how they can manage their relationship as it develops.