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We have stepped into the year 2014. By now many of our institutions and facilities have cranked up after a refreshing break with rekindled energy. The target ahead is clear – to face the unfolding challenges with brave and courageous spirit.

For ourselves who gladly bear the name ‘Christian’ this forward thrust is a natural urge called evangelisation; cultivating fresh soil for Church life to flourish with the fragrance of the Gospel.  Good and sensible planning avoids careless and futile steps which falter the path forward and prevents needless and harmful collisions. The hidden treasure of Gospel life is that processes are for people and not the reverse. Patience, charity, mutual respect and support, thoughtfulness, encouragement and the recognition of goodness instill confidence and aspire us towards the intended goal.

In his Apostolic Exhortation “Joy of the Gospel”, (24 Nov 2013) Pope Francis simply observed the importance of the journey ahead of the road map (Article 82).

The journey bears the scars of shame from past and present sins. However, the shadow the Pope insists ‘must never make us forget how many Christians are giving their lives in love’ (Article 76). The Pope expressed tremendous gratitude to all who are committed to working in and for the Church.

I gladly reiterate that sentiment as the year springs into action. Every dedicated Catholic in the Diocese, and those close of association with them, in whatever form their service, are beautiful examples of joyful sacrifices of life and of time. The credible witness is a comfort, the Pope notes, to overcome selfishness and to give more fully of oneself.

I wish all a good and godly year.

Fr. John Grace

Diocesan Administrator

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Centacare: Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton (Centacare) upholds its role and commitment to deliver service excellence in the local community through the provision of quality services and support to individuals, couples, and families.

We welcome everybody in the community to contact us for further information about the services we can provide to you.

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Enhancing the wellbeing of individuals and families.
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Centacare continually strives to provide informative and proactive workshops, events, and education sessions to the community.

Please see our event calendar for more information about events coming to a Centre near you!

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20th September 2013

Centacare staff come together for        'A Just Future'
The all new, all improved, Centacare Conference was held in Rockhampton on the 18th and 19th September at The Leagues Club and saw most of our staff travelling in from across the Diocese to attend - the first time in 7 years that Centacare had held a whole-of-organisation conference.  Find out more!

26th July 2013

Centacare opens new site in Gladstone
Centacare expands its presence in the Central Queensland region by opening a new site in Gladstone to provide support services to local communities.  Find out more!

11 June 2013
Centacare Founder turns 90!
On Wednesday June 5, Sr Anne-Marie Kinnane, Centacare’s founder, turned a grand 90 years young!  Find out more!

15 May 2013
New Centacare brochure now available online

The new Centacare brochure is now available online for download.Click here to download the brochure!

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