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Centacare: Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton (Centacare) upholds its role and commitment to deliver service excellence in the local community through the provision of quality services and support to individuals, couples, and families.

We welcome everybody in the community to contact us for further information about the services we can provide to you.

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Enhancing the wellbeing of individuals and families

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Dear Brothers and Sisters

For many years now I have holidayed on Lord Howe Island. My friend Stephen runs the restaurant and when patrons finish their meal, he drives them to their accommodation. Some nights it can get quite busy on the island so I volunteer my services and drive the patrons home and give a little tour. The highlight is the mutton-bird tour,  where one observes the shearwater returning at night to their burrows. During the day they fly high and with beauty as they search the heavens and seas. At night they come to the land with a thump and waddle into their burrows, screeching as they call for their mate. I had thought that I was quite an accomplished tour director after having completed many seasons of mutton-bird tours; however, I would like to share with you this note I received...

Like many other people who have been blessed by making your acquaintance over the years, we would simply like to say congratulations on your appointment as Bishop of Rockhampton. I know for certain that you will be a better Bishop than a Lord Howe Island tour director.

Brothers and Sisters, here I am - an ex Lord Howe Island tour director, and I present my credentials as your Bishop. Thank you for your warm welcome. I ask that you pray for me and I ask your blessing upon my ministry as the Bishop of Rockhampton by praying the prayer to the Holy Spirit.

 Michael McCarthy

Bishop of Rockhampton

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Centacare continually strives to provide informative and proactive workshops, events, and education sessions to the community.

Please see our event calendar for more information about events coming to a Centre near you!

Upcoming Events

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August 2014

Open Day Celebrations for 40 years of CentacareCQ

Ricki_and_Sr_Anne_Marie.jpgCentacareCQ recently celebrated its 40th birthday and commemorated the occasion by holding an open day at its Family Relationship Centre (FRC) in Rockhampton. Find out more


 July 2014

NAIDOC Week wrap-up

Naidoc Week 2014 3

Centacare staff jumped at the chance to get involved in NAIDOC Week 2014 this month - participating in a range of activities across the Diocese. Find out more

 July 2014

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Centacare are proudly supporting NAIDOC Week Celebrations throughout the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton, and your're invited to join the fun!



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